• An 800-foot-long white-sand beaches is one of the many attractions of a $42 million cruise terminal on Grand Turk, featured on four- and five-day cruises from Port Canaveral, Fla., of Carnival Cruise LinesÕ Elation. (Andy Newman/Carnival Cruise Lines)

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Alkes Travel
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Alkes Travel & Tours Pvt ltd was incorporated in May 2010 , a consummate travel professional with over 15 years experience in handling worldwide portfolio for leisure products & ticketing services. Team Alkes combined boasts of over 60 man years of experience in the Travel industry.

We cater to the discerning holidays & corporate travelers, keeping in mind various aspects such as attention to details, budget and convenience. We have selected representatives and handling agents who are among the world’s ticketing operators & leading leisure suppliers. We are in a best position to cater virtually any corporate travel & leisure holidays requirement using products and services that assure our passengers quality and consistency.


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Corporate Travel Services

International Holidays

Domestic Holidays

Cruise Vacations


Travel Insurance


MICE & Group Travel

Airport Transfers & Sightseeing’s

Air ticketing

Bus ticketing

Car Rental

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It’s not just the room you’ve to consider when you’re travelling for business. The flights have to be perfectly timed, the hotel should have amenities like a conference hall and good wifi, and there should always be some room for last minute change of plans.

We, at Alkes, understand that. Our corporate specialists can handle all your business travel requirements, from re-scheduling flights to booking an extra room or even cancelling one.

When you choose to travel with Alkes, we offer you specialised services in, what we call, MICE, which is Meetings, Incentives, Conferences, and Exhibitions. The process is simple. Our corporate specialists first understand your business requirements and based on that suggest one of our various corporate travel packages. Post your selection, all the travel arrangements are handled by us, ensuring that you can focus on what’s most important, your business.

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Everyone deserves a break from the stress and hassles of everyday life. But if you have ever planned an international holiday, you would know that the actual planning can be quite stress inducing in itself.

We, at Alkes, pride ourselves on planning exciting, stress-free, international vacations for our patrons. Our International Travel Team is masterfully trained and can create expert, custom-made travel packages based on your preferences and demands. Need advice about the best time and way to travel to an exotic international destination? Our expert team can help! Looking for the cheapest airfare? We’ve got you! Looking for a detailed itinerary? You can count on us!

All you need to do is give us a call and mention your travel plans. Post that, our team will guide you in every step of way and ensure a memorable and relaxed vacation!

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Cancelled travel plans can be quite a bummer. So why spend countless hours planning everything to the last minute and abandon the trip over its sheer improbability, when there’s a ready solution available?

Alkes Travels not only enables you to go on a cost effective domestic holiday, but also helps ebb the stress of vacation planning. The Domestic Travel Team at Alkes is more than equipped to organise great holidays for our valued customers, with everything from travel arrangements to bookings taken care of.

If you don’t have a set destination in mind, our expert team can suggest places based on your likes and dislikes too! The best part? Our support staff will be available with you every step of your holiday, ensuring a truly magical holiday.

Try our fantastic domestic holiday planning services today by giving us a call and discussing your requirements with our agent.

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Cruises guarantee a magical time and when it’s one that has been meticulously planned, well, there’s nothing better.

Alkes Travel offers great cruise vacation packages for families or group travellers, ensuring world-class services at all times. Our Cruise Vacation Team comprises of some of our most expert travel agents who can plan the perfect cruise vacation for you, based on your travel preferences and requirements, of course. With our professional services at your command, the complex planning process is taken care of and you can simply enjoy your holiday. Our world renowned cruise line partners also have a glorious track record of conducting successful cruise vacations and offering our patrons the best services.

Currently, you can go on an exciting cruise in Europe, America, Middle East, and Asia. That’s a lot of options and our team ensures that no matter what, your safely and comfort is taken care good care. Reach out to us today to make your cruise vacation dreams a reality!

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A VISA is becoming extremely essential and excruciatingly hard to get these days. From all the forms that have to be filled to all the appointments with government officials, let’s just say, it can get pretty taxing. This is especially true when you don’t really know the VISA acquiring process in detail.

Well, you don’t have to.

Alkes can help you get a VISA to anyplace you wish to travel. You name the place and our VISA Acquisitions Team will work its magic and get you to your dream destination. To make the process easier, we have created a checklist of must-haves for obtaining a VISA. With the help of this checklist and expert guidance from our VISA Team, you can obtain a VISA without any hassles.

Further, our team will guide you every step of the way, beginning with filling the application form correctly to booking an appointment with the respective VISA consulate.

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The importance of having a foolproof travel insurance is secret to none. While the possibility of something going wrong is minimal, taking a travel insurance gives you a safety blanket to fall back on, in case something does happen.

The duration of the trip, it could be an extended one month vacation or just a short two day dash, doesn’t matter. Our expert Travel Insurance can whip up a great insurance plan for you after taking your travel destination and duration into due consideration. At Alkes, our customers well-being is of topmost priority to us and our agents will ensure that you get the get travel insurance plan possible. We also have annual travel insurance plans for frequent travellers, which has proven to cost effective yet safe for many of our patrons.

Confused about which travel insurance policy is the best for you? We’re here to help. Give us a call and allow our travel experts to guide you.

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Anytime you go on an international vacation or a business trip abroad, one of the biggest concerns is foreign exchange. It’s a new country and feeling a little lost about currency conversion is completely understandable.

This is precisely why the FOREX Team, here at Alkes, has some of our best agents, who work tirelessly to ensure that you don’t face a currency crunch in a foreign land. Our professional team will aid you at all times and help you in getting your money converted to the currency of the place you’re visiting it. The best part? Our team strives to achieve a fine balance between effortless currency conversion and cost effectiveness, all at your doorstep.

Wish to know more about our FOREX services? Please give us a call and our agent will ensure that all your FOREX requirements are taken care of.

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One Stop Shop for all your travel needs when you thing of Meetings Incentives Conferences Events approach Alkes Travel, including travelling along with the group of Dedicated team in each hub providing specialized experienced and cooperative Tour Managers in the industry Operations geared up to handle large groups to the Smallest Groups. We have successfully handled several groups. A specialized quality control department that would ensure smooth delivery of services at every stage. Every minute service will be kept in its priority list.

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Travelling for work and don’t have the time to consider flight options? Going on a vacation with your extended family and need help figuring out the best flight available? Fret not, Alkes Travels can take care of all your flight booking requirements.

Name any flight tickets of any airline of your choice and allow us to book it for you, based on your preferences. Best fares, preferred seating, and an out and out comfortable flying experience is something we guarantee all our customers. Even if you have specific demands, like personalised customer service, ample back support or extra leg room, we’re here to help. Our experienced Airline Ticketing Team can also help you figure out the routing options available and help you find the best, most economic one.

At Alkes, our biggest priority is getting you to your destination comfortably, with the best services, and without spending a truckload. Give us a call and allow our team to help you with your airline ticketing.

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Having the freedom to travel the way you want while on a vacation is quite possibly one of the best ways to enjoy a vacation. Renting a car allows you to do just that. No more looking for pricey autos or travelling in expensive cabs.

If you’re wondering how you’ll find a car rental service in a new city, well, that’s where we, at Alkes, come into the picture.

Our Car Rental Agent will get you the best deal after taking your requirements into consideration. Need a 6 seater car or a car with a large bumper? Our agent can get that for you, in the lowest price possible! If you don’t want to drive around yourself, we can also arrange for a driver for you. Need airport transfers or a sightseeing tour? Our impeccable chauffeur service will help you find the very best driver.

Got questions? Drop us a line or better yet give us a call and allow us to help you get the best car rental deal possible.

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One Stop Shop for all your travel needs when you thing of Meetings Incentives Conferences Events approach Alkes Travel, including travelling along with the group of Dedicated team in each hub providing specialized experienced and cooperative Tour Managers in the industry Operations geared up to handle large groups to the Smallest Groups. We have successfully handled several groups. A specialized quality control department that would ensure smooth delivery of services at every stage. Every minute service will be kept in its priority list.

Baggage Tagging

ARRIVAL AT Destination

• The Guest will be received at the airport by Alkes staff, and porters will help the guests transfer the luggage on board to the assigned coaches.
• The Group coach will be branded
• The associates to be given hot / cold towels on boarding the coach.

Bus Branding


At the respective Hotels the associates will find an personalized services right from check inn counters to baggage handling and room allotment etc.

Welcome letters with the various do’s and don’ts and a tent card with the schedule for the trip and the invite to the Gala dinner and awards night. They are given a some time to relax before being invited for the gala dinner.


Stage SET Up

Awards Night Invite

The Awards night invite will be placed in the Rooms of the guests in advance & a reminder calls to facilitate the guest.



The Bonding Moment “Wow Moment”

The guests will be made to take part in various activities which Bonds the moment and keeps them engaged throughout the event.

Group Photograph

The “WOW” moment

A DJ takes over and the dinner counter is open.

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Why Alkes?

Our uniqueness is to focus on the rudimentary task of booking a vacation.
We offer a single source to support the full spectrum of the business travel experience, by strategically focusing on every channel in the travel supply chain.
We assist in maximizing your travel program with cost-effective options.
Alkes Travel eliminates the need to manage multiple tools, systems and suppliers to get the job done. If it’s part of your travel process, we have a solution.
Trusted Travel partner for all your Travel needs.
Client Account mangers any time & any where.
We respect the TIME of every client by keeping TAT as the main focus.
Travel consultants are always around when you need them. Call, Whatsapp,skype with us from anywhere around the world round the clock.
Over 25years of Industry’s best experience.
Before tour , During tour & After Tour, Alkes will travel with you
Our diverse customer base, many of whom return again and again for the personal touch our experienced
travel consultants provide to begin your travel” so LET YOUR TRAVEL BEGIN “

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